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How Do I Get My Ex Back After A Breakup

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If you are coming from a hard breakup, and you and your loved one are at a position where neither of you are sure what is coming next. What you really want to know is how do I get my ex back after such an event? Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to test if there is still hope for the relationship.

1 - Talk to your partner, noting their response and reaction to what they say. If they listen without interruption, and even drop what they are doing in order to listen, then they are likely still interested. Signs like these indicate a willingness to sacrifice time for what you are talking about.

2 - Wear a new piece of clothing, and watch and listen for a compliment or even notice that you have changed. Any compliment is a good indicator of interest.

3 - Direct your conversation towards the breakup. If your partner uses language and phrases which indicate that they are distracted or remorseful regarding the breakup. Such language is a good sign that you are still liked by your partner. These are signals which will answer your "how do I get my ex back after" right from the horses mouth.

4 - If your partner calls a lot for small talk, it can be a sign of continued interest. Your partner may also schedule a call, but after failing to call will apologize and give explanation. This concern is a sign that your opinion of your partner matters, and is a good sign of interest.

5 - Start to dangle other partner prospects in conversation, and observe how much interest your partner takes. Getting very quiet, or very inquisitive is a sign that your ex is still holding interest in you. Asking your friends about who you may be seeing is a strong indicator that you are still wanted.

6 - Go the other way and ask about who your partner is interested in. Changing the subject, hiding it or in some way deferring the question is a strong indicator that you are the person they are interested in. Once again an answer to your question of "how do I get my ex back after" right from the one you are trying to makeup with.

7 - Eye contact is also a good indicator, so testing his interest through making eye contact is a strong way to gauge their interest.

8 - Flirt with your ex partner, just lightly, and see if your partner will flirt with you back. This will be one heck of signal you are on the right track for "how do I get my ex back" stratargy.

9 - Try to have a conversation, over email or text, maybe once or twice a week. Do not overdo it, you'll only make your ex push farther and farther from you. Teasing and making note of changes is a way to see that you ex still has feelings for you.

10 - Physical contact is a definite sign of having feelings. Just be sure to be direct, sparse in you language and by no means be mean, for being mean will just ensure that your partner doesn't take you back.

When attempting these you should not try too hard to change him. You cannot make anyone love you. You should also act naturally, for if you win him by not being true to yourself, then it will only lead to more heart break.

As you can these are very common sense answers for "how do I get my ex back after", they are by no means the only ways for you; to get your one and only love back. Use your on common sense and find what's right for you.


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