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How To Find A Good Marriage Counselor And Save Your Marriage

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Have you ever stayed awake all nightlong thinking about whether your marriage will last or not?

Troubled marriage represents different kind of emotions. Hurt feelings are the most common but it can lead to depression, panic, paranoia, and anger. These emotions can be distracting to your goal of creating romantic love and finally bringing it all in ruins. For this part, it can take you to painful experiences you can never accept at all.

This kind of situation can make your mind go nuts thinking how can you possibly save it in due time. Marriage in trouble is very depressing thinking what went wrong. It makes you realize what is happening, although you are expecting that all is well despite some differences.

Likewise, in marriage you just knew that itís not going to be a perfect one. You just do what you think is right but still some are not quite enough. But then you think itís not a problem at all, because you expect in marriage that itís a process of accepting, learning and most of all loving despite of weaknesses.


In dealing troubled marriage, you can approach marriage counselors although you better find a good one. A good marriage counselor helps couple to guide through emotional distresses, motivating the feelings and discussing some sort of tips to excite the couple. Counselors guide couples in understanding the enormous stress in facing one of their greatest crises to date. For instance, when one or both spouses become emotionally upset, a counselor must have the skill in treating emotional reactions effectively.

A good counselor must know how to calm down the couple and assuring them that itís not a sign of hopeless incompatibility. Counselors sometimes obtain special training for many common marital problems, such as sexual differences in which this is one of the reasons why couples disintegrate- like having an affair. Also, financial conflicts can be a deciding factor in which one of the couple is not financially stable.

By finding your preferred marriage counselor, there are many ways of discovering them. You can ask from your friends but its better if some of them have been seen a counselor that has successfully guided them. Also, you can find counselors in your phone directory or yellow pages where some of their offices and contact numbers are stated.

Regardless of your source of referral, you should be certain in choosing someone who can really help you. Always remember that a counselor is who can help your relationship for you and your partner. If possible, itís much better if your partner is an active participant in treatment sessions.

By calling counselors at their offices, you can call one clinic at a time. Ask their respective assistants to speak to the counselor you are considering by phone. When you are about to speak some questions after your introductions and purpose, you can ask these following questions:

- How many years have you been a counselor?

- What are your credentials (e.g. academic and masterís degree)?

- Do you help clients in overcoming and avoiding emotional letdowns?

- Do you help in motivating the clients to finish the program successfully?

- Do you suggest different approach in dealing solutions in any kind of marital situations?

- How much does it cost for every session or for the whole duration of the program?

You can add other relevant questions as long as the marriage counselor knows what type of marital problem you have. Finally, for choosing your preferred marriage counselor you should let him/her know that you come for help in restoring and saving love to your marriage. Because in marriage, itís the most beautiful thing ever to happen in your life.


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