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How To Find Marriage Help When Dealing With Terminal Illness

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Your mate may be the most important person in your life. The day the two of you wed, you made a vow to each other until death do you part. Now, the scariest time in your lives may be right in front of you. Your beloved partner has been diagnosed with a serious disease. Not only are the two of you faced with various health concerns, rising bills, but now you have been told that the illness is terminal. This shocking and tragic news can quickly change things in a marriage. During this time of extreme stress, it may be a good idea to seek marriage help and support.

When a loved one is facing a terminal illness head on, such as cancer, a couple goes through numerous emotions and stages of acceptance. Partners will not go through these stages and emotions at the same time. While one spouse is coming to terms with the terminal illness, the other may still be in the anger phase. Marriage help is needed to get through this difficult time together.

You and your partner love each other so much, but it can be difficult not to push each other away under the circumstances. Where can you turn for marriage help?

Seek advice and information from the doctor or specialist treating the illness. The physician can provide necessary and pertinent information that can help both you and your partner understand the disease and what to expect. Being prepared can decrease the stress associated with the unknown.

Marriage help can be easily found in a support group related to the health condition. Meeting with other couples and families in similar circumstances can be very therapeutic for you and your partner. Often you can learn from people first-hand what to expect. You and your partner may be introduced to new information, alternative support techniques, and valuable friendships.

If you are a member of a religious organization, now would be a fine time to discuss the final plans and wishes of your spouse. Someone from the clergy can discuss at length the religious relationship with death in your beliefs. Frequently, couples find the information helpful and uplifting. Also, marriage help and counseling is typically available through a church or religious organization.

A social worker, counselor, or therapist can be useful at this time. If your marriage needs help to make your spouse's last days as pleasurable as possible, you can find the marriage help you need. Contact your local Human Services Department for information or a referral. They can help you find someone you and your spouse can speak with freely and openly. It is essential to locate an individual who is professional and trustworthy.

If finances are a concern with the rising medical bills, find out if services are available to help defray the cost. Your family may be eligible for assistance. Do not allow your marriage to suffer because of the medical bills. Get the help you need.

This trying and difficult time may be the hardest days in your marriage, but you can get the marriage help you need to make them as pleasant and happy as possible. Educate yourselves about the future and what is ahead of you as a couple. Find the counseling and support for yourself and your loved one during this time. Make the most of your marriage with the help you need and deserve.


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