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Marriage Help For Couples Dealing With Depression Or Mental Illness

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Your spouse is always crying or lashing out in anger. Frequently, he or she has no desire to spend time with you. One moment your mate is the man or woman you married and the next, well, you really aren't sure who they are. It is time for some serious marriage help.

Marriage has its ups and downs. Every couple has rough times, but this has gone on for nearly too long. Your partner tells you that it isn't you. Their actions don't reflect this. You need help just as much as they do. Can you find help for your marriage? Is there hope?

You made a vow to stay together through sickness and health. Your spouse suffers from depression and it is causing trouble in the marriage. You don't want to separate from your mate, you simply want relief. Being married to someone who suffers from depression or mental illness can be extremely hard. Marriage help is best for both partners of the relationship whenever possible.

Your spouse may need individual counseling or therapy, but the both of you need to seek marriage help together. It can help the marriage to understand what causes your loved one's depression or mental illness. Your self-esteem is probably just as low as your partner's at this time. Each of you can benefit by therapy and support.

Marriage help can come through a support group.

This support can be in the form of a formal group setting or online friends. People suffering from depression or a spouse learning to cope with the symptoms of depression in their loved one need to be surrounded by people who care and understand the situation.

Religious-based marriage help is a fabulous idea for your family. Seeking marriage help based in your religious or spiritual beliefs can strengthen your marriage. Individuals dealing with depression can benefit from a feeling of purpose. Many religions encourage the release of negative thoughts or worries. This aspect can be extremely useful for someone suffering from depression or mental illness. For you, the spouse, you can gain insight into your religion and the importance of marriage in your faith. Marriage help is usually available from your pastor or elders who have been trained in such areas. In fact, the marriage help provided is at no cost or minimal charge.

With the proper treatment for your spouse, the symptoms of depression or mental illness will more than likely improve. Your marriage will undoubtedly become stronger at this time. Know that marriage counseling and support are still valuable tools to keep your marriage strong and stable.

Set backs are possible and even probable when dealing with mental illness. During times of relapse, you can look back on the better days and know they will return. This is also a time to draw from your marriage help support group and friends.

There is hope and help available for couples dealing with depression or mental illness. The two of you can get through this difficult time with marriage help from counseling, support groups, and faith.


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