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Signs You Need Marriage Help

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Whether you have been married six months or sixty years, there are some sure signs that your marriage is in trouble. If you see some of these problems in your marriage, you know that you and your spouse could positively benefit from marriage help.

Do you find that your dinner conversations are filled with silence and downward stares directed solely at the food on the plates? If this is the case in your home, you may want to think about your marriage and how you and your mate communicate.

Instead of silence, maybe your home is filled with few kind words and harsh yelling on a frequent basis. When voices are raised, it is a good sign that partners feel that they are not being herd. This is another sign that communication problems exist in your marriage. When partners cannot communicate effectively, problems can arise in all aspects of a marriage. The need for marriage help can arise quickly in such circumstances.

Picture this scenario. The children are fighting again in the backseat of the car. One partner steps in to cease the situation just before it comes to blows. The other partner remains silent during the conflict, as usual.

This situation may be an indicator of trouble. When one parent takes the lead and the other completely remains dormant, there is a clear sign of disagreement in parenting styles or an underlying issue. If the parenting styles differ drastically, it may be a good idea to discuss the reasons for the opposite opinions. Sometimes large differences in opinions can create a need for marriage help. No two parents will ever rear children in the exact same way. The important thing to remember is that parents are working together.

Do you feel that you and your mate are working together on similar family goals? If you often feel that you are both pulling in opposite directions from one another, this is a sign that trouble is brewing. Confront problems when they are small before marriage help becomes a necessity.

Are you always checking your wife or husband's personal items for signs of an affair? If you suspect an extramarital affair, this is a definite red light warning signal to you. Trust is an issue in your marriage. Marriage help is needed immediately. An extramarital affair is a serious problem. Even if your spouse is truly faithful, there is a reason why you are suspicious. Consult a therapist, religious leader, or other professional as soon as possible for marriage help.

Is the intimacy in your relationship at a level you are comfortable with? Sex and intimacy are different, but closely related. If you feel that you and your partner share personal thoughts, feelings, and dreams, this is a good sign that your intimacy level is just where it needs to be. When the deepest conversations between a husband and wife only delve into the activities at work, a problem is evident.

Trouble in the bedroom is a sign that marriage help can be necessary. Talking to your spouse about the sexual aspects of your marriage may be uncomfortable, but it is a normal part of a married couple's life together. When sexual issues arise, it is best to seek marriage help from a counselor or sex therapist.

Marriage can be filled with ups and downs in the relationship. Watch for these signs of trouble in your marriage. If you see similarities between these situations and your marriage, it is time to consider marriage help. Knowing when to seek marriage help is the first step to a better marriage.


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