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Will Insurance Cover My Marriage Help?

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If you have decided to seek help for your marriage, you may be concerned about the cost. There is no price you can put on a happy marriage, but it seems that insurance companies are trying to do just that. Many variables affect whether or not your insurance will pay for your marriage help.

What type of marriage help will you be needing? Do you and your spouse plan to talk with a marriage counselor or therapist? Is a rehab or detox service needed to treat an addiction such as drugs or alcohol? Maybe you simply plan to visit your pastor for marriage counseling and couple's sessions. All of this information is pertinent when determining whether or not your insurance will cover the cost of marriage help.

The specific insurance plan that you have will obviously be the answer to this question. Contact your employer or insurance company for specific details on your insurance plan. Speak to someone in the Human Resources department at work. They will most likely be able to help you in obtaining information about marriage help. If you are concerned about confidentiality, be assured that the people who work in this department are informed about, and understand, the privacy protection issues involved. Your personal information is in the best hands. Rumors about you and your partner seeking marriage help will not be flying around the office.

Some companies who have insurance with a major insurance company offer benefits for their employees in addition to the insurance. In this instance, employees are directed to attend specific classes, sessions, or group meetings with a particular service provider, but the cost is free or minimal. If you already had a different service provider in mind to provide marriage help, this option may not be what you are looking for despite the excellent cost advantages.

When marriage help is provided through a rehab or treatment program, your insurance will typically cover a portion of the cost. Again, contact your insurance company directly or refer to your policy handbook for specific details regarding deductibles, percentage of coverage, and out-of-pocket expenses.

When a couple visits with a licensed counselor, psychologist, or therapist, the cost of the session is not completely outside the realm of services covered by your insurance. Marriage counseling is not always considered a covered service, but will frequently fall under the category of mental health. Some insurance plans considers this form of marriage help to be similar to a doctor visit. You and your partner will be required to pay at each visit a portion of the cost. This small fee for your marriage help is much like your standard co-pay for a physical at the doctor's office. Ask your Insurance provider about this option when discussing your intended provider for marriage help.

Too frequently, marriage help in the realm of counseling has a high deductible before coverage will help defray the cost for you and your mate. It is important to send in all records of payment to the insurance company to ensure that all money you have spent on your counseling and marriage help gets applied to your deductible. Find out what method is best to use when submitting this information to your insurance company. You and your spouse will want to be certain that you get the coverage for your marriage help as soon as possible.

Marriage help can be expensive. In some cases, insurance will cover your counseling, rehab, or treatment program. Often a combination of insurance and money from your pocket will be needed to pay for marriage help.


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