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Will Marriage Help My Case Regarding Child Custody?

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After a divorce, the couple who were once lovers and friends are usually at odds with each other. A marriage that has ended does not typically end up with everyone in agreement. If children were involved in the marriage, a custody battle frequently ensues. Parents are sometimes left wondering if a new marriage will help their child custody case.

Let me begin by explaining that only a lawyer can advise you on your specific child custody case. Each case is different. Laws vary greatly from place to place. Legal advice from your lawyer hired for the custody situation is always the best resource in such a matter.

When a custody case goes to court, the judge is looking out for the best interest of the child. He or she will be taking into account the child's age and needs. A second marriage helps the judge to see a statistically more stable environment for the child, but this is not always the case. Marriage helps a custody case if one parent has obvious issues finding a stable and suitable home for the family. A judge would be more likely to place a child in the care of a stable, married parent. In this instance, yes, marriage helps.

On the contrary, it looks poorly to a judge if you are deeply engrossed in a child custody case and then suddenly pop into the court room with a new husband or wife that your child doesn't even know, or has barely met . In this instance, a marriage would not be advised. Your new marriage would not help your child custody case.

Parents love their children dearly. Parents look for anything to help their case when a marriage ends up in divorce. Regardless of the situation, whether a second marriage will help or not, do not rush into a marriage during this stressful time. Your subsequent marriage deserves a good start. Your child or children may have concerns that need to be addressed. Keeping these things in mind will help to avoid trouble between you and your children, as well as, you and your new spouse.

Second marriages, especially those with children involved in the mix, have higher failure rate than first marriages. Eventually you will need marriage help for the new marriage if the circumstances are not under the best possible situation. Avoid marriage help in the future by not rushing into a second marriage to simply appear better in the eyes of a judge in regards to your child custody case.

Each relationship needs time and attention. If you and your children are wrapped up in a custody battle, it may not be the best time to try devoting your attention to a new husband or wife. This circumstance is simply asking for marriage help in the future.

If you are involved in a serious relationship at this time, consider pre-marriage help. Some marriage counseling before the wedding will help your upcoming marriage and relationship with your new spouse. It is possible that the judge may look favorably on the fact that you aren't rushing blindly into a new marriage. Taking the steps to create a stable family environment is always beneficial for all involved.

If you have considered a second marriage to improve your chances in a custody case, you may want to think again and consult your lawyer. Will a marriage help your case or not? This depends on many factors. Consider marriage help prior to the nuptials for a stronger marriage in the future.


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